2013 Day 2/365 – National Buffet Day

I could have posted this earlier but didn’t want to be known as an enabler this early in the game. I didn’t want to influence the Resolutioners.. You know, those people who had the garden salad today or those who counted their almonds as snack.. Yeah, you guys didn’t want to know about National Buffet Day.


Sure buffets encourage you to eat beyond your stomach’s capacity, but they also encourage mid-dining exercise. It’s a long walk from your table to the buffet and back again. Try fitting in that kind of cardio during a five course meal.

HAHA!! Well I do hope you have begun seriously thinking of your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t listen to me. I have none. I NEVER add exercise or diet to mine because I know it will most probably won’t be met. I am the realistic kind of resolutioner. I just watch what I eat and drink for the first week atleast.