2013 Day 3/365 – Toss the Fruit Cake Day

For those of you who are still holding on to that fruitcake, you are now officially permitted to toss it according to obscure holiday etiquette.

In my case however, I simply leave it on a plate for my Indians in the Cupboard.. They’re much better than Santa, they don’t leave crumbs. hehehe


If you do decide to toss yours, just watch out where you chuck that thing, they have been known to do some damage. HAHA!!

In Trinidad, we make fruitcake that’s loaded with alcohol. SERIOUSLY, LOADED WITH ALCOHOL.. Fruits are soaked/marinated all year round, so much so that as you bite into a piece of cake, you can literally smell the wine/rum/brandy concoction.. My name is Pix and I love fruitcake.. *hiccup*

Have a fabulous day everyone