2013 Day 4/365 – Being Married to a Chef

Means I eat GREAT FOOD, above a 5 star rating (in my books). It doesn’t however, mean I eat healthy. So to compensate, I always ensure that we have fresh vegetables as part of our daily diet and supplement with vitamins.


Also, I TRY to watch our portions but discussing this with Chef is like trying to tell him don’t add so much butter.. I walk away! This is what smart chef wives do.

He showed up this morning with Chocolate croissants for breakfast. Here I thought, I’d just grab a bowl of cereal but nooooooo. I wonder if other Chef wives have the same issues. (please say yes, please say yes).. My guy is psycho over food. I think a random crowd of 5 could show up at our home, share dinner and still have a satisfying meal. Chef doesn’t know how to cook for 3, sadly.

So while I don’t do resolutions, I think for us to survive owning a restaurant again, I have to seriously be on patrol with our portions and get Chef to workout with @DJulienFitness …

Hmmm, well this was a random insightful post..

ps: my name is Pix and i’m a Bokeh addict