2013 Day 10/365 – Bittersweet Chocolate Day

When we use the term bittersweet to describe a memory, we’re classifying it at pleasant but painful or regretful. However, bittersweet chocolate, otherwise known as semisweet or dark chocolate, simply means that it contains more cocoa than other chocolate varieties. Paired with the right wine or port …. it can be pure heaven.

Yep, I’ve decided to inundate you guys with mindless holidays that no one cares about. BUT C’MON!!! this one’s about Chocolate. How bad could it be?

I’m not a huge “snack” person but I do on occasion enjoy being bad. I found these Chocrooms. They’re delish and small enough that when I do crave I can have 2-3 and feel satisfied.

Well there you have it, something about Pix you didn’t know. LOL