2013 Day 17/365 – Vandalized

My car was broken into 3 nights ago.. Never really experienced anything like this, so the feeling was unknown. I remember sitting in the car and noticing that it was filthy, thinking “wow, when last did we use this car?” I know I’d never leave this mess, much less my OCD hubby..


Still I started the car to switch to alternate side. Could’t shake the feeling that this wasn’t right. (like in the movies when you know someone’s in the back seat O_O), so I looked in the back seat. PHEW! no one was there. HAHA!! but i did notice that it too was messy. ONLY THEN, did I realise that the window was broken.. Imagine??? the axe murderer would’ve gotten me already.. geez.

So I called 911..

Just sad really. They didn’t take anything (nothing to take except some loose change).. Thank goodness they didn’t really “damage” the car. Windows are easily replaced.. Peace of mind, isn’t..

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