2013 Day 18/365 – Pursuing your Passion

If asked “What is your favorite HAPPY activity?” What would you answer? Well I came across that question while chatting with a friend. He commutes from London to Holland weekly, back home for the weekend. Family, Kids activities, house maintenance etc.. So I asked “what do you do for you?”. He couldn’t think of anything.


Even at 70, Henri was still the “go to” photographer for engagement shoots at the Senior Center because of his creativity and passion.. LOL

His replies were gym, watching tv… Then he said “I really can’t think of anything. It’s not like you.. You have your photography”…
And he’s right!!! My HAPPY activity is photography.. I can spend hours BY MYSELF photographing droplets or now, my little people.. I smile, I laugh, I come up with stories…. So i ask you WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HAPPY ACTIVITY?

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