2013 Day 22/365 – For the Love of Coffee

We serve our coffee in these Neopolitan Flip Coffee Pots. It has become quite the conversation piece when served and one customer raved that he would come just for the coffee alone.. haha!


It consists of a bottom section filled with water, a filter section in the middle filled with finely ground coffee, and an upside-down pot placed on the top. When the water boils, the entire three-part coffee maker is flipped over to let the water filter through the coffee grounds. If coarse grounds are used, the coffee is brewed quite mildly. Using a very dark, finely ground roast, in the “Neapolitan” style, this method can produce a coffee that has a stronger flavor than an automatic drip brew maker.

It has been claimed that, rather than Naples, the Neapolitan flip pot is ultimately of French origin. (info taken off Wikipedia and it’s pretty accurate, except for the whole “french thing” haha)

OH and PS: credit for this photo goes to @joeynoble i was going to dust and she suggested I take photos instead.. WOOT!!