2013 Day 29/365 – Fun Effects IN CAMERA

Stuck for a photo idea today. It’s my day off (finally) and don’t feel inspired. I remembered that my D7000 has a lot of little bells and whistles and thought I’d try the miniature effect.


Some of us don’t even realise the “fun stuff” our cameras are capable off. Go into your Retouch Menu and you’ll find a whole new world (yep, just like Jasmine said).. So yes, we can read the books but what’s better than actually sitting and playing and having the camera do all the work..

Even though this effect took the press of one button, I still had to think of composition. I took three shots. Last minute I decided to shift camera to right to include the Graffitti building.. So yes, the camera is doing the work but I still had some input.. LOL.