2013 Day 34/365 – Taking pictures is savoring life

Photography feels like that to me. I’ve often wondered if I could pursue my passion but life has always gotten the better of me. Thankfully, I’ve never stopped snapping. Infact, for someone who is just does this as a hobby, I must say I have had some awesome experiences.


I’m really busy with the new place, so taking my photo a day has turned into an “art” project.. figuring ways to take a beautiful photo while being creative and not doing the same things.. I’m relating my posts to my every day life. Using others influence as inspiration.. I must say that I am enjoying my #Project365 this year..

I always photographed the “BIG PICTURE”.. Always wanted to be a journalistic photographer.. I love to tell stories.. For the past month, I’ve been enjoying getting up close. I think I will try to challenge myself by using my Macro lens..

Hope everyone is also feeling great about their Project365…
As always, thanks for stopping by