2013 Day 35/365 – My Pity Photo

Sighhhhhh! Yep!! I have a “Pity photo” tonight.. LOL.. UPset that I can’t do something I really want to do, Ok WOULD LIKE to do but can’t, so i’ve been in a funk all afternoon…


Confession: I know I say that photography is a hobby AND it is.. However, I’ve done quite a bit of photography work. NOT PAID!! I volunteer my time. Anyways, before this turns into one of the debates about giving your time freely when others work professionally etc etc, I’ll just move along with my story. (it is my blog afterall LOL)

One of the main Organization I volunteer for is the War Veterans Council. I got a call to go to DC with them next weekend and of course, with the new business, I can’t go. I miss Event photography, so this was a stabbidy stab stab call.. Now I got the bug all tingly up my spine and i’m moping..

So there you have it.. I give you MINTS!! The cheap kind.. LMAO!!