2013 Day 38/365 – Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day is a week away.. Every where you look is pink and red and there’s hearts everywhere.. BARFFFF!! hahahaha Just kidding.. I’m into the whole Valentine’s thing also.


I just feel that it’s just so commercialised now.. One of my pet peeves is that people like that restaurants “giveaway” roses on Valentine’s Day… Hell No!! The restaurant is not MY valentine!! He is!!! He HAS to get me a rose, if he chooses to.. That’s how I feel. I sound crazy don’t I?

Anyways, so we’re expecting a HUGE SNOWZILLA Storm named Nemo, here in the NorthEast.. Brrrr!!
In my best “jane seymour” voice – keep you heart open and hopefully that will warm you up.. LMAO!!