2013 Day 42/365 – Giving Love to Those who Serve

Yesterday, I was privy to be a part of the The fifth annual Goodwill Valentines Caravan Series.. UWVC team members and volunteers will deliver cards and gifts to veteran’s hospitals and military installations throughout the Northeast — including the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.


It was an amazing day. When the Servicemen realised why they were there, they were so thankful and appreciative. What a better way for US to say “Thank you to them, for their Service”.

“People often think of our veterans and military on Christmas or Veterans Day, so why not Valentines Day?” says Executive Director Pat Gualtieri. “This is yet another way for the United War Veterans Council to shine the spotlight on those who serve, at a time of year when they often receive little attention.” There were handmade cards from volunteers, schools and other organizations..Day42-365c

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