2013 Day 43/365 – Fat Tuesday

In Trinidad and Tobago, we call it Carnival Tuesday!!! Woot Woot!! So happy to be busy with work but so sad that I couldn’t make it to carnival this year.


I have wonderful memories of Trinidad Carnival. My parents took us to the Savannah for kiddies carnival on Saturday. On Sunday we watch the Dimanche Gras show.. Jouvert was never something we participated in but i think that was because my mom was busy cooking pelau and souse for us to take with us on Monday. I am so thankful that my parents included us in the celebrations.

When I got older I participated and yes, Pix wore skimpy bikini costumes at one point O_o.. Even have photos to prove it (or remind myself hahaha)..

Well have a great day!!! I’m in Valentine’s mode, so haven’t been doing much tweeting lately..
Take care