2013 Day 103/365 – Water Effect

Step one: Arrange to have water.. This could mean, getting a bucket of water an throwing it onto unsuspecting offspring, releasing shutter button with remote.. ORRRRRRR one could simply sit in a car, in the rain and stalkerishly (not really a word), take photos of passerbys..


I love photographing umbrellas when it rains. There’s so many varieties.. Unfortunately, you guys know, I spend ZERO time on set up and planning and most, if not all of my photos are quick snapshots.. Never really take “100s”, mostly 5 at most.. So i’m always happy when I find one that i like.

This one in particular gave me that WATER effect that you see edited but this one came straight out of the camera, thanks to the rain on the windshield..

HAPPY SATURDAY!!! Busy weekend for the Pix Clan