2013 Day 127/365 – The moment you realise…

That this is your marriage.. That this is the person who’s going to age alongside you.. AND you’re okay with it.. I guess that’s where I am at the moment.. I wanted change,… Continue reading

2013 Day 126/365 – Duckie be like……

Color me bad… HAHA I’m tired of being stuck in the house. It seems like all i do is paperwork, then head off to the restaurant.. I need to start shooting outside again..… Continue reading

2013 Day 125/365 – Sauteed Dandelions

Yes, I know, it should be a post about Cinco de Mayo.. But by the time I got around to having my margarita, I didn’t have my camera and wasn’t in the mood..… Continue reading

2013 Day 124/365 – Soft Kitty……

Soft Kitty; Warm Kitty; Little Ball of Fur Happy Kitty; Sleepy Kitty; Purr Purr Purr Yep! I’m a Big Bang Theory Nerd.. LOL HUGS Pix

2013 Day 123/365 – I survived Prom

Well this is a treat for all you guys and gals.. Been on Twitter for a very long time and have never posted a photo of myself or my daughter.. But here she… Continue reading

2013 Day 122/365 – Creativity

Hanging with @Traceyctt this week.. It’s so wonderful for me. I love feeding off other’s passion for the arts. I get inspired again.. Today I took her to Socrates Park in Astoria. We… Continue reading

2013 Day 121/365 – Beeesy

Darn it!! Two insects in a row.. Oh well, atleast i’m true to my shots. This was my photo for the day.. It’s been busy. Hubby brought me a dead bee, so it… Continue reading

2013 Day 120/365 – Mosquito Hawk

Yeah!! That caught my attention also.. I snapped this photo, in hind sight, wishing I had placed a coin next to it to give perspective.. Decided to Google “mosquito” for some interesting facts… Continue reading

2013 Day 119/365 – Upwards and Onwards

GAH!! it’s Monday and we’re out the house early for a breakfast Catering.. Stumbled upon this statue and took a quick snap out the car window.. Glad to see it ended up in… Continue reading

2013 Day 118/365 – Communions

OMG!! Yet another Communion.. Thankfully, we are busy with Events.. This was why we decided to start this business.. Very Very thankful. But I have to tell you, there is no way my… Continue reading