2013 Day 97/365 – Little People Stories

Wally Amos never dreamed that one day, instead of chocolate, he’d ever be working with pink sprinkles. However, like any business, he had to diversify….. hehe!! Happy Sunday 🙂 HUGS Pix Advertisements

2013 Day 96/365 – Ebb and Flow

Webster: The Condition of alternate decline and renewed advance… That’s how I describe where we’re at in this specific moment. Starting up a new business in these times was crazy to say the… Continue reading

2013 Day 95/365 – Little People Stories

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! Apparently, the Cactus Bar is the place to “Chill” at on a Friday evening. Everyone who’s anyone goes there.. hehehe I tried photographing my orchid today because I saw some… Continue reading

2013 Day 94/365 – The Power of Beans and Water

Everyone talks about their favorite coffee shop, coffee brand, milk or no milk..etc etc.. Ever really gave it thought that it all starts with Beans and Water?? The perfect blend will give you… Continue reading

2013 Day 93/365 – Go to Lens

Lately, this is becoming my “go to” lens (not that I have soooo many to choose from LOL).. I’ve been doing a lot of Food Photography lately for the business and i’ve found… Continue reading

2013 Day 92/365 – Cheers

WooHoo! Another positive post.. Happy to report that our son is getting married. He proposed to his girlfriend. Very exciting news. We are all very happy. She’s a wonderful addition to our family.… Continue reading

2013 Day 91/365 – A New Month; A New Challenge

So March was kind of a bummer for me. IN A GOOD WAY! The business is doing well and I just couldn’t find the time to keep up with my 365Blog. HOWEVER, we… Continue reading

2013 Day 90/365 – Happy Easter

Wanting to wish everyone a Happy Easter. This year the Pix Clan was truly Blessed by God. A year agao, we had no idea where we’d be. Both Chef and I knew we’d… Continue reading

2013 Day 64/365 – Little People Stories

George was so excited for his grand daughter to see the Panda. He remember taking his daughter when she was little and telling her the story of how him and her mom met… Continue reading

2013 Day 63/365 – NY Restaurant and Foodservice Show

Been attending this for so many years now that it’s become more of a Networking Event. There’s only so much “new” products on the market which are feasible or even accessible. Many newer… Continue reading