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Day 341/365 – Celebrating with Old Friends

in our new space….. Tonight, we had the honor of serving some past clients.. They loved our new place and showered us with good wishes.. In turn, we thanked them the only way… Continue reading

Building Holiday Party

Ever since we moved in, we’ve been catering the annual Holiday Party at our apartment building.. We’re pretty “low key” in the building and since we’re not in the city on the weekends,… Continue reading

Last night I took a Gamble

I gambled on the fact that I could pull this off… HA! I had a really really long day but we got through it. We’re a good team, DH and I..   Last night,… Continue reading

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend – means BBQ and sleepovers at our house. This year however, we have to work, so there won’t be a huge BBQ Event.  Plus we’ve just been so busy over the… Continue reading