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Halloween Night

Halloween is no longer a huge deal for us.. I realised it this year, when my 16 year old decided to go hang with her friends. My hubby is not really into the… Continue reading

Happy Halloween

Just quickly saying Happy Halloween.. Have a safe and fun night.. Watch your kids.. Pix

My Jack O’Lantern 2011

This is my carved pumpkin… Other than photography, I also absolutely enjoy carving pumpkins and wrapping presents. There was a time that I wanted to wrap presents “professionally” for people at Christmas time.… Continue reading

Pumpkin Time

I used to be so much into decorating but life got the better of us. For many years, my mother-in-law was sick, so most of the “family” events couldn’t take place at home… Continue reading

This is Halloween

I love this Halloween Town!! The decoration becomes more elaborate as the years go by and then you walk past a beautiful SIMPLE scene like this and it makes me excited.. Tim Burton’s… Continue reading