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Day 312/365 – Remember those dang fruit bowls

we had to draw in school?? Well I sucked at it.. Thank goodness for cameras and aperture and depth of field and bokeh.. LMAO!! Who needs paint and brushes.. Deep down, secretly I… Continue reading

Day 303/365 – Casualty of the Storm

Fallen trees, damaged cars, broken homes….. But how do you explain to a child that you lost his/her favorite stuffed animal?? Trust me, it’s one of the most heart wrenching thing a parent… Continue reading

Day 238/365 – Farewell Trinidad

After what can only described as yet anothe Pix clan adventure vacation, we are ready to leave. It’s time.. Time to start re-building our future – us and our kid. She is a… Continue reading

Day 224/365 – Boating License

Finally!!! My 16 year old, took and passed the test and now has her Boating license.. You all know what that means??? she can drive the boat home.. O_o..¬† Seriously, she is now… Continue reading

Day 201/365 – Central Park Zoo

The kid in me….. Always gets excited with the propect of going to the zoo. Ever since I can remember, it has been my favorite activity. I love animals (photographing animals), the interactions… Continue reading

Day 188/365 – The Age of Innocence

We went to the beach today and yes, i must confess, I’m the creepy person on the beach with a camera.. BUT in my defense, I never photograph your children’s faces. While photographing… Continue reading

Day 178/365 – For Parents of Teenagers

Do you know what a “Snap Back” is??? Well for a while, I’ve been hearing my daughter talk about it, not paying any mind to her conversations OR THE COST of these things..… Continue reading

Day 162/365 – NY Hall of Science

You should visit the New York Hall of Science ¬†this Summer.. Always full of interesting and informative things to see.. Great for little ones and teenagers alike.. Well to be honest, great for… Continue reading

Day 123/365 – Tic Tac, Maybe..

Remember those days when you played connect the dots?? Or the times before cell phones and IPads and you actually drew on paper to play tic tac toe with your kids to entertain… Continue reading

Day 68/365 – Educational Choices

So many opportunities, so many directions… The good ole days when you were either smart or not.. Either corporate or technical.. WELL OK, not really but it seemed to be easier when infact… Continue reading