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New Blog Post on New Page

If you’ve followed me here, please view my new page…. http://dpixeloveslr.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/morning-walks/ HUGS Pix Advertisements

2013 Day 127/365 – The moment you realise…

That this is your marriage.. That this is the person who’s going to age alongside you.. AND you’re okay with it.. I guess that’s where I am at the moment.. I wanted change,… Continue reading

2013 Day 126/365 – Duckie be like……

Color me bad… HAHA I’m tired of being stuck in the house. It seems like all i do is paperwork, then head off to the restaurant.. I need to start shooting outside again..… Continue reading

2013 Day 121/365 – Beeesy

Darn it!! Two insects in a row.. Oh well, atleast i’m true to my shots. This was my photo for the day.. It’s been busy. Hubby brought me a dead bee, so it… Continue reading

2013 Day 117/365 – Hooray

We made it through one of our busiest day yet… All our clients left happy. My staff survived the wrath of Chef and my feet held up.. YAY! now i’m pooped.. lol HUGS… Continue reading

2013 Day 113/365 – Signs of change

So you don’t believe me…. This is a clear sign of how our lives have changed.. We are huge garlic eaters, so to have garlic sprout tells the tale I think I really… Continue reading

2013 Day 104/365 – Caged

Do you ever feel like you’re in a cage? That your freedom is limited? You can eat all you want, drink all you want, make as much noise as you want but you… Continue reading

2013 Day 101/365 – Changing your Perspective

Life is ever-evolving and I believe that people get stuck because they don’t realise that all they need to do is change their perspective. There are things we have no control over but… Continue reading

2013 Day 98/365 – Relax

When you’re too tense; it’s common sense to relax The more you earn; the less you learn to relax Sit back and sip a cup of tea with me and listen to some… Continue reading

2013 Day 96/365 – Ebb and Flow

Webster: The Condition of alternate decline and renewed advance… That’s how I describe where we’re at in this specific moment. Starting up a new business in these times was crazy to say the… Continue reading