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2013 Day 92/365 – Cheers

WooHoo! Another positive post.. Happy to report that our son is getting married. He proposed to his girlfriend. Very exciting news. We are all very happy. She’s a wonderful addition to our family.… Continue reading

2013 Day 91/365 – A New Month; A New Challenge

So March was kind of a bummer for me. IN A GOOD WAY! The business is doing well and I just couldn’t find the time to keep up with my 365Blog. HOWEVER, we… Continue reading

2013 Day 33/365 – Oil and Vinegar

“We are like oil and vinegar most of the time. But when you shake us up real good, the combination is heavenly.~ Anna Segee I chose that line tonight as inspiration for my… Continue reading

2013 Day 30/365 – Tick Tock: Time’s a ticking

Phew!! Made it home in time to post my photo.. YAY!! Busy day. Very productive. Met 4 Clients; booked one on the spot; two will be back on Friday and one pretty sure… Continue reading

2013 Day 26/365 – Sometimes, all you need is a cookie

Isn’t that the truth.. How many of us can’t wait to finish that Chinese take out dinner, so we can have our fortunes told? hehe.. Those cookies make it all better. It can… Continue reading

2013 Day 11/365 – The World at your Feet

Not only did Franco ask her to marry him, he promised her the world. Of Course she said yes!! Tomorrow’s my wedding Anniversary, so this was ispired (sort of).. I was laughing the… Continue reading

Day 347/365 – Being true to ourselves

We are who we are.. No matter what you learn, the environment you’re in, it comes down to doing what makes you smile. This year, we thought that we’d have to give up… Continue reading

Day 332/365 – Sipping and Smiling

Haven’t taken a photo like this in a long time. Forgot how much I loved my 50mm and the bokeh it produces. We’ve been busy, organizing, cleaning getting ready, all the while, booking… Continue reading

Day 326/365 – Lots to be Thankful for…

This Thanksgiving have found us in a better place. Thankfully. So we took the time to celebrate with the family, realising that the core of us were all unemployed this year. WOW!! weird… Continue reading

Day 309/365 – Celebrating

So we have a plan. After months of being unemployed and going crazy, things seemed to have worked out. Been hinting it for a while but now I can safely say, it’s ours.… Continue reading