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2013 Day 15/365 – Versatility

This is proof that i’m not addicted to Bokeh photos. I can be versatile. I can shoot “other” stuff. Like this amazing view from my bedroom window.. Yep!! I don’t have a problem..… Continue reading

Day 333/365 – Good Night Moon

Or is it GOOD MORNING MOON!!!  The moon was almost full last night and you could see Jupiter next to it. Really gorgeous. However, I didn’t get a chance to take a photo.… Continue reading

Day 266/365 – Lunch at Eataly

If it involves Food, chances are a lunch date with Chef Hubby will become an adventure.. So when he asked if I wanted to go to Eataly, I immediately said yes..  What’s not… Continue reading

Day 255/365 – Playing Tourist in my own town

Today, I convinced my hubby to go into the city with me. What a fun day, filled with many unexpected surprises.. 🙂  So many photo opportunities today. It was Perfect para Pix’s Paparazzi Pandemonium!!… Continue reading

Day 254/365 – Remember September 11th

We will NEVER forget. My thoughts are with those family who lost loved ones on September 11th. That tragic day when the world stood still.. (This is the view from my bedroom window)… Continue reading

Day 253/365 – Blue Skies and Puffy Clouds

Makes a perfect photo and a photographer smile 😀 Not much going on in my life these days. Trying to keep busy. School started today for my daughter, so atleast we’ll be back… Continue reading

Day 249/365 – New York City (at night)

Wanted to share tonight’s view from my window with you. Another building is going up but luckily I can still see the Empire State Building. Wishing you a great day HUGS Pix

Day 248/365 – Union Square Market

Hey New Yorker, if you haven’t been yet to Union Square Market, it is so worth a trip. Array of fresh Vegetables, Cheeses, Breads, Flowers, Jams and Jellies, Cured Meats, Plants…. The list… Continue reading

Day 215/365 – The Bridges of New York City :D

This is the RFK Bridge, formerly known as the Triboro Bridge (makes me think of a certain artist). I still refer to it as it’s former self… This shot was taken at Astoria… Continue reading

Day 201/365 – Central Park Zoo

The kid in me….. Always gets excited with the propect of going to the zoo. Ever since I can remember, it has been my favorite activity. I love animals (photographing animals), the interactions… Continue reading