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I’ve been photographing a little more

follow my post on my new page http://dpixeloveslr.wordpress.com/2013/07/03/beauty-in-my-backyard/ Pix Advertisements

New Blog Post on New Page

If you’ve followed me here, please view my new page…. http://dpixeloveslr.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/morning-walks/ HUGS Pix

Day 1 and I am smiling

So with my “new” outlook and new blog direction, I’ve found myself suddenly inspired. No No nothing crazy. Just a point and shoot moment but I SAW THROUGH my lens once again. New… Continue reading

2013 Day 128/365 – Souvenirs

All these Events and my clients leaving me souvenirs and desserts etc.. This was my favorite.. Took it home and it now sits on my window HUGS Pix

2013 Day 127/365 – The moment you realise…

That this is your marriage.. That this is the person who’s going to age alongside you.. AND you’re okay with it.. I guess that’s where I am at the moment.. I wanted change,… Continue reading

2013 Day 126/365 – Duckie be like……

Color me bad… HAHA I’m tired of being stuck in the house. It seems like all i do is paperwork, then head off to the restaurant.. I need to start shooting outside again..… Continue reading

2013 Day 125/365 – Sauteed Dandelions

Yes, I know, it should be a post about Cinco de Mayo.. But by the time I got around to having my margarita, I didn’t have my camera and wasn’t in the mood..… Continue reading

2013 Day 124/365 – Soft Kitty……

Soft Kitty; Warm Kitty; Little Ball of Fur Happy Kitty; Sleepy Kitty; Purr Purr Purr Yep! I’m a Big Bang Theory Nerd.. LOL HUGS Pix

2013 Day 123/365 – I survived Prom

Well this is a treat for all you guys and gals.. Been on Twitter for a very long time and have never posted a photo of myself or my daughter.. But here she… Continue reading

2013 Day 122/365 – Creativity

Hanging with @Traceyctt this week.. It’s so wonderful for me. I love feeding off other’s passion for the arts. I get inspired again.. Today I took her to Socrates Park in Astoria. We… Continue reading