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2013 Day 121/365 – Beeesy

Darn it!! Two insects in a row.. Oh well, atleast i’m true to my shots. This was my photo for the day.. It’s been busy. Hubby brought me a dead bee, so it… Continue reading

2013 Day 120/365 – Mosquito Hawk

Yeah!! That caught my attention also.. I snapped this photo, in hind sight, wishing I had placed a coin next to it to give perspective.. Decided to Google “mosquito” for some interesting facts… Continue reading

2013 Day 119/365 – Upwards and Onwards

GAH!! it’s Monday and we’re out the house early for a breakfast Catering.. Stumbled upon this statue and took a quick snap out the car window.. Glad to see it ended up in… Continue reading

2013 Day 118/365 – Communions

OMG!! Yet another Communion.. Thankfully, we are busy with Events.. This was why we decided to start this business.. Very Very thankful. But I have to tell you, there is no way my… Continue reading

2013 Day 117/365 – Hooray

We made it through one of our busiest day yet… All our clients left happy. My staff survived the wrath of Chef and my feet held up.. YAY! now i’m pooped.. lol HUGS… Continue reading

2013 Day 116/365 – The Moon

Full Moon.. well in my case a couple days AFTER full moon. HA! I haven’t had time until now to attempt the shot. As it is, this was taken in the morning and… Continue reading

2013 Day 115/365 – More Flowers :)

WooHoo!! Achoooo!! *sniff sniff* Dang flowers… hahahaha Spring Sucks… LMAO!!! mwahahaha!! HUGS Pix

2013 Day 114/365 – Paella

My Hubby is Rocking as Chef!! We are having so much fun.. We do Flamenco night and serve Paella that evening… I’m trying not to cross over my posts but couldn’t help sharing… Continue reading

2013 Day 112/365 – Tulip

Can you tell it’s SPRING?? You can’t help but photograph flowers.. The streets are lined with these beautiful flowers.. Thanks for stopping by HUGS Pix (achooo)

2013 Day 111/365 – Blossoms

Wishing I had time to go to the Botanical Gardens for the Blossom Festival.. Just don’t have time anymore. Luckily, in my neighbourhood, there are a few trees, so I decided to stop… Continue reading