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2013 Day 110/365 – Pix the Cake Cutter

I have become the Master Cake Cutter.. LOL.. With all the Events we do, we see all different kind of cakes.. I have to say thta i’m hating on the new “marshmallow” fondant… Continue reading

2013 Day 109/365 – Little People Stories

FORRRRRKKKKK!! Not liking this shot.. My exposure was off but didn’t have much time to re-do (what else is new with Pix).. One day, I vow to actually delegate time to my photography… Continue reading

2013 Day 108/365 – A Stroll in the Garden

Decided to go for a walk this morning.. Happy to see the flowers right outside my building, so I didn’t have to go far for a smile 🙂 Simple beauty HUGS Pix

2013 Day 106/365 – If I had a dime….

for each time you said that, i’d be a rich gal today 🙂 Saw this shot in a magazing, thought i’d try.. HUGS Pix

2013 Day 104/365 – Caged

Do you ever feel like you’re in a cage? That your freedom is limited? You can eat all you want, drink all you want, make as much noise as you want but you… Continue reading

2013 Day 103/365 – Water Effect

Step one: Arrange to have water.. This could mean, getting a bucket of water an throwing it onto unsuspecting offspring, releasing shutter button with remote.. ORRRRRRR one could simply sit in a car,… Continue reading

2013 Day 102/365 – Friday Fun Foto

Feeling Fantastic!!! Funny friends frolic through the fields on a frightfully friendly Friday… STop me PLEASE… I love alliterations and used to use them quite frequently in my blog years back.. Forgotten how… Continue reading

2013 Day 101/365 – Changing your Perspective

Life is ever-evolving and I believe that people get stuck because they don’t realise that all they need to do is change their perspective. There are things we have no control over but… Continue reading

2013 Day 100/365 – Spring is here

For the first time in months, I went outside.. No i’m not a recluse.. I meant I went outside for the pure reason of being outside. Not just to get into my car… Continue reading

2013 Day 99/365 – Day Off

Tuesday’s are my days off but it seems like i’m busier on that day. Go Figure.. I’m staring at my daughter’s XBox and began to wonder “how the heck do people find time… Continue reading