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2013 Day 123/365 – I survived Prom

Well this is a treat for all you guys and gals.. Been on Twitter for a very long time and have never posted a photo of myself or my daughter.. But here she… Continue reading

Day 85/365 – Street Portraits

Sometimes I think that this blog isn’t sufficient to share my photos with you guys.. Sometimes choosing one for the day obviously has it’s limits.. In any day, I can take only a… Continue reading

Day 57/365 – Nosey Cat

He is the most fustrating model EVER!!!  All he wants is your attention.. Forget about props, he usually think it’s a NEW TOY! But he is sooo cute. The minute I decide to photograph him,… Continue reading

Family Portrait Time

We went pumpkin picking yesterday with our favorite extended family.. Time goes by quickly and we couldn’t believe a year has passed already. So much has happened in a year.. We’ve had a… Continue reading