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2013 Day 43/365 – Fat Tuesday

In Trinidad and Tobago, we call it Carnival Tuesday!!! Woot Woot!! So happy to be busy with work but so sad that I couldn’t make it to carnival this year. I have wonderful… Continue reading

Day 243/365 – Trinidad and Tobago Celebrates

It’s 50th Anniversary of Independence from Britain. You can read more here from last year’s post.  We missed the celebrations by a few days, while on vacation there (see previous posts).. So much… Continue reading

Day 238/365 – Farewell Trinidad

After what can only described as yet anothe Pix clan adventure vacation, we are ready to leave. It’s time.. Time to start re-building our future – us and our kid. She is a… Continue reading

Day 237/365 – Photowalk in Trinidad

We got in at around just after midnight.. Got to the hotel and crashed. @photowalktt was beginning at 8:30am.. Oye!! I have been looking forward to this but felt badly for my kid.… Continue reading

Day 232/365 – Looking forward to today

Yes, Yes, family vacation, yada yada.. BUT today, I, oops, I mean WE are meeting up with @marcseyon and @cupcakewench I LOVE these guys and by I, I mean WE. Breakfast was at… Continue reading

Day 231/365 – Waking up in Paradise

This should be a “no words necessary” post but I love to gab.. hehe.. Our morning view from the hotel was breathtaking in the morning.  It is my favorite time on vacation –… Continue reading

Day 230/365 – Vacation Time

I can’t say it’s “much needed” but in a lot of ways, it’s very necessary.  We are leaving for Trinidad and Tobago, then off to Barbados for a few days and then back… Continue reading

Day 189/365 – Machel Montano

Today we had the enjoyment of attending Machel Montano Concert at Jones Beach Theater. It was our first concert this year at the venue, we try to catch a few during the summer.… Continue reading

Day 182/365 – Curried Crab and Dumplings

One word – YUM!!! I don’t always cook “traditional” dishes but really was in the mood for this and with Trini friends visiting, it made for a great excuse to make a pot… Continue reading

Day 172/365 – Bake and Shark

Sometimes, believe it or not, even though i’m married to an awesome Chef, he allows me in the kitchen for some down home Trini meals.. Tonight I treated him to my take on… Continue reading